Plan of the location

Entrance: Enter the past, movie sets and artists which will let you remember movies like Gladiator, Prince Ironheart, King Arthur, Lord of the Rings or the three Musketeers. You will be enchanted!

Celts & Romans: Romans and extreme Celts, two cultures which clash. The perfectionism of Roman legionaires and the wild Celts will impress you. Movie sets like in the movie Gladiator.

Early and high middle age: Knights of the Cross and Templars on their way to the holy land, Emperor Barbarossa with his fighters and the fine ladies of the court simply are amazing. All this on a historic site where this happened long ago!

Renaissance: The time of emperor Maximilian I. who was called the last knight, his personal guard, the knights of Goerg and his loyal but will Landsknechte. You may become a passionate knight and the tournament of kings will amaze you beyond everything you have ever seen.

Ehrenberg arena: Armoury and storage of the defile – now archaric event location – with music and entertainment on a historic site. Location of the Ehrenberg Historical (more on the web at The past and today in a unique symbiosis.

Medieval market: Feast and haggle like in the Middle Ages. Become a trader of the past. There is no place where time goes by faster. Buy a sword or a leather bag as souvenir to remember this unique experience. The odour of roasted meat will tempt your nose and water your mouth.

Camp life: Camp fire romanticism superlative!  With knights and Landsknechten closer and personal. A small talk cannot do harm but many visitors end up spending the whole night around the fire.

Tournament arena: Become of knight of the past, fight for noble women and experience the tournament of kings! Steaming horses, crashing lances and armours that crash. History comes alive!

Stages: Music that touches every heart and soul. Jesters to entertain your mind!

Battlefield: Smell the burned gunpowder and relive a scenario of a historic battlefield with dark humour.

You may find toilettes and sinks throughout the whole location. These are no portable toilets and we adhere to the highest hygiene standards.

Ostbastion: Handicapped toilet stalls, showers, diaper change Westbastion: Toilets in the castle museum Landgasthaus Klause: Toilets of the restaurant Alte Kaserne: Toilets and showers Schlachtplatz: Toilet container

All facilities are cleaned constantly! We are not in the Middle Ages in this area!

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