Childrens program

Your child will learn about history with games and fun. Nowhere else learning is this much fun! Your child will never forget this day!

For the whole family: The knights tournament will excite every boy when knights fight on their horses or he gets the chance to talk with a knight in the camp.

Girls will be bewitched by the beautiful princess in the castle and the majestic horses that the knights ride to battle.

Heroes from novels and movies come to life for your children. A large petting zoo with local Tyrolean animals will give you the chance to have a walk with a mountain goat. You can also visit the romantic ruins with your whole family.

New: Knightly children's playground with the dragon Feuermaul

Touch the knights: Our knights will make your child smile. Catch the robber, knight bowling, archery, or shoot sand sacks with a ballista, this is only a small selection from our vast array of activities available. We have been copied often but no one managed to do it as good!

Absolute hightlight for children: After the tournament in the afternoon the children may fight the knights.

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Knights' tourneys

Tournament of Kings: Tension & Action.

Medieval market

Shopping with medieval flair.

Battle of Ehrenberg

Amazing stunts & pyrotechnics.

Parade of Ehrenberg

Witness 1800 years of history!

Children's program

Fun and games for children.

Camp life

Relive the camp life of medieval times.


Spectacular tavern concerts.


Baroque musical firework


Enjoy our spectacular program.

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