General arrival Infos - Parking system as a PDF-Download

Parking is available at the Waldrastlift right below the event location at the Ehrenberger defile. (Waldrast = about 15min by foot to the location) or coming from the Heiterwang at the Karlift.  Otherwise follow the signs of the parking system “Ritterspiele” (P1-P8) to the parking lots. From there shuttle buses will take you to the location. The parking lot for coaches is located in Reutte at the Königsweg (over the rails in direction of Mühl). Coaches may set off and take on their passengers right at the event location. Please call ahead to register your bus at: Tel: 0049-(0)8362-9396806 - 0043-(0)5672-62336.

Shuttle buses are available between: 9:30 – 00:30 every 15 minutes at the following locations:

- Ehrenberg, Festgelände Klause/Burg Ehrenberg - Reutte-Ehenbichl, Waldrastlift, Krankenhausstraße    (suited for wheelchairs) - Reutte, Campingplatz, Ehrenbergstraße 53 - Reutte, Kreuzung Ehrenbergstraße / Innsbrucker Straße - Reutte, Hofer (Aldi), Innsbrucker Straße 4, Reutte - Reutte, Isserplatz - Reutte, Kreckelmoos - Reutte, train station  (only after train arrivals)

The event location is reachable from local villages and cities by norm buses (I.e. from Füssen, Pfronten, Schwangau, Heiterwang, Ehrwald, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, etc.). You may find more information here: or Upon request we gladly will send you the bus schedule.

Arrival with a car from Ulm: Take the A7 until the end, follow the border tunnel to the B179 in direction of Reuute. Leave the B179 at Reutte Süd and follow our parking guide system "Ritterspiele" (P1 -P8) to the parking lots. Distance from ULM ca. 135Km

Arrival with a car from Munich: Take the A95 via Oberau to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. There drive via Ehrwald in direction of Reutte. From Ehrwald you take the B179 via Lermoos in direction of Reutte. From there follow our parking guide system "Ritterspiele" (P1 -P8) to the parking lots. This route is vignette free! Distance from Munich: ca. 280Km

Arrival from Switzerland: From Hohenems take the A14 to Bludenz. The route follows through the Arlberg tunnel to Zams and further to the A12 in direction of Innsbruck to Imst. From Imst drive to the far pass/Reutte. From there follow our parking guide system "Ritterspiele" (P1 -P8) to the parking lots. Dinstance from Zürich: ca. 280Km (A tempting detour is driving through the Lechtal from the end of the Arlberg tunnel.)

Arrival from Italy: Via Bozen take the A22 to Innsrbuck and from there the A12 to Bregenz. At Mötz leave the Autobahn and take the route to far pass/Reutte. From there follow our parking guide system "Ritterspiele" (P1 -P8) to the parking lots. Dinstance from Bozen: ca. 195Km

An alternative route from Italy: Drive over the Reschenpass and then in direction of Landeck – Imst - Fernpass – Reutte.

Arrival by train: You can take the “Außerfernbahn” from Kempten, Munich, or Innsbruck. The journey through the hunting grounds of Maximilian I. will get you into the right mood for the grand event. This rail track is one of the most beautiful in Europe. Arrival destination: Train station Reutte, from there our shuttle bus will take you to the event location.

Arrival by plane: The airports Munich (150km) and Innsbruck )90km) are viable, from there you may take the “Außerfernbahn” train to Reutte.

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