Knights' tournaments

The time of medieval knights's tournaments comes back to life, noble counts, knights from Tyrol and Bavarian nobleman fight for glory and honour in the “tournament of kings”. Witness the intense lance battles on horseback with the knights trying to strike the other down or fear for their life when they fight to death on foot!

The knights iron armour weighs up to 35kg and the fight with original weapons from their time. Beautiful and dramatic scenes will unfold right before your eyes.

Tension & Action
Fear for the knights of Georg when they display the art of war from Maximilian times and witness Maximilian I. fighting Theuerdank fighting together with his loyal subjects.

Tournament of kings
Experience the dangers of a medieval tournament together with the participating knights but feel the elevation when the victor receives his golden price from the princess. Only in Ehrenberg you can see the tournament of kings.

The ground tournament
The ground tournament will be held before the horseback tournament. An intense Maximilian foot battle. Wearing renaissance full plate armour the knights of Georg (Maximilian's I. elite warriors) compete against each other. The emperor loved this kind of tournament and participated in them even in old age quite successful.

Unfortunately, we have to announce that the "Ehrenberg Knight Tournaments" have been officially cancelled.


Knights' tourneys

Tournament of Kings: Tension & Action.

Medieval market

Shopping with medieval flair.

Battle of Ehrenberg

Amazing stunts & pyrotechnics.

Parade of Ehrenberg

Witness 1800 years of history!

Children's program

Fun and games for children.

Camp life

Relive the camp life of medieval times.


Spectacular tavern concerts.


Baroque musical firework


Enjoy our spectacular program.

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